FILm & Video


Available at half-day and full-day rates for commercials, short films, feature films, and other creative or advertising projects. 
I bring a complete makeup kit appropriate for film and photography environments,  as well as makeup lighting, a makeup chair, and
any necessary set supplies. I can provide a range of makeup looks including but not limited to: natural, beauty, male grooming, and light special effects makeup.  Check out some examples of my work on film fora range of projects down below!

“Ella” - Directed by Dan Chen.

Dept Head Hair & Makeup: Heidi Bowles.
Hair & Makeup: Natalie Sutton.

Health Insurance Innovations - “Stephenie Case Study”.

Hair & Makeup: Natalie Sutton

Bloom Party 2018 Promotional “Cirque Electrique”

Makeup: Natalie Sutton, Shelice Sheppard, Shayla Nash

Hair: KR Beauty Salon

Sandy Hong Boudoir - “Thinking of You”

Makeup: Natalie Sutton
Hair: Nichole Hobbs

Ladybird - “Style Experiment”

Makeup: Natalie Sutton
Hair: Geena Miracle

“Alex & The Firefly” - Directed by John Woosley.

Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: Natalie Sutton