YouTube MUA's Who Know Their Stuff

In many ways it is both a blessing and curse that anyone these days can start their own YouTube channel and quickly begin dispensing information, advice, and opinions on any number of topics. One of the most popular of these subjects is the world of makeup, beauty, and skincare. 

Unfortunately, there are many beauty vloggers out there that have little to no actual education or knowledge about the things they preach daily to their followers. When you see gurus suggesting making facial masks out of pure lemon juice and baking soda, it's scary to think of the many young girls trying these things without knowing the possible consequences. Of course, the vast majority don't do it malignantly, they just want to join in the social beauty experience that YouTube offers and capture a bit of the 'fame' (and let's be honest, the free products) that often follow it once a large enough subscriber base has been reached. With it too can come those who will sing the false praises of brands and products because they were either paid to in advance or because they receive a commission via the referral links or discount codes they hand out. 

So with the thousands of vloggers that fill the pages of YouTube it can hard to find those that actual know their stuff and can teach both consumers and professionals successfully. Thankfully, they are out there and I'd like to suggest ten that would benefit you the most.

  1. Lisa Eldridge - Recently appointed the Creative Director of Lancome, Lisa has worked for some of the biggest clients and major celebrities. Add to the that her calm friendly demeanor and soothing voice, and her videos are wonderful to watch. In addition she is often able to demonstrate her looks on the actual celebrities that people are being inspired by.
  2. Monika Blunder - Monika is an artist who is working on major celebrities and her work is in many major magazines. Again, I tend to enjoy those artists who have a calm and collected demeanor and Monika definitely has a pleasant personality. 
  3. Jordan Liberty - Another great working artist that's out to correct the pitfalls of YouTube trends, such as trying to contour with warm orange toned bronzers. He makes videos that are just lovely to watch. His creative looks continue to inspire and wow me!
  4. Charlotte Tilbury - Now the creator of her own makeup line that is getting rave reviews, she also works on major celebrities and campaigns. 
  5. Veronica Gorgeois - Finding someone on YouTube who really knows about skincare is a tough thing. This is where Veronica, a trained esthetician, comes in. She sets the facts straight about the science of skincare on her channel.
  6. Kim Greene / Greene Street Beauty - While Kim and Melissa don't update regularly, I would assume because they're too busy working in the industry, the videos they do have up are full of great information about makeup for TV and Film. Kim and Melissa have worked as the key and department heads for many movies and TV shows and their advice is invaluable. 
  7. Kevin James Bennett - Emmy nominated veteran KJB will teach you some great tricks for using trickier products and how to condense your kit. His "In My Kit" site helped me get started on my journey as a makeup artist and I will always value his advice.
  8. PixiWoo - The sister team of Nic and Sam make up PixiWoo and are both great artists and great entrepreneurs. They are the gals behind the Real Techniques brush line. You won't regret seeing them create everything from classic and clean, to dramatic Halloween costumes. 
  9. Mathias Alan - Having worked with celebrities, in TV, and with multiple cosmetics lines to name just a few, Mathias is a skilled working artist who uses a wide range of models to showcase his tutorials and advice. He also does great on set and behind the scenes videos.
  10. Wayne Goss - I'll be honest, I don't enjoy his tabloid type video titles, but on the whole Wayne knows what he's talking about. His style is very straight and to the point and his videos are generally short, which many people will appreciate.

Bonus: Sali Hughes Beauty - I follow Sali because of her "In the Bathroom" interviews with big name artists such as Val Garland, Mary Greenwell and Bobbi Brown. Where else are you going to get to peek into the kits of such great artists?

So who do you follow who knows their stuff? I'm looking to add some great SFX masters to my subscriptions. Any suggestions?

Until next time,

~ Natalie