Building a Kit

Other than passion and education, one of the first steps I find myself taking as a new and aspiring makeup artist is to build my first kit. Time after time I read seasoned pros tell you that it's a never ending journey. With it comes trial-and-error, examining new beauty innovations and whittling down products to personal favorites that suit both your style and your clientele. In future posts I'll talk about what I've chosen specifically so far, but today I'm talking about how I've acquired the information to start the process.

So how do you choose what products are essential with which to build your first kit? In comes Emmy award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennet's boon of a site In My Kit. The knowledge and suggestions from experienced artists is a newbies dream. The site helps you understand what products are tried and true and what are just gimmicks, fads, or not of the quality needed for a professional kit. Knowing exactly what you need saves not only a lot of time and frustration but most importantly for someone just starting out -money

Just a few bits of my growing kit.

My other lifeline in pursuing the perfect kit is Chicago based bridal megastar Sonia Roselli's initiative called Glossible. Not only does she have the kind of career I can only dream of right now, she selflessly shares her wisdom with other artists in an effort to put forth quality information and education into the industry. Her frankness and optimism are allowing me to guide myself on the path I want to pursue. I know I can ask a question of her group and receive only the most helpful of advice in return, with an always added dose of general sassiness!

Sure, as you build your kit you'll still have choices to make and find yourself endlessly debating the merits of different items, often getting distracted by the latest and shiniest, but you can start with a solid foundation thanks to the help of these professionals. 

So that's what I'm doing. Building a base to grow from, a little at a time. Currently as a stay-at-home-mom to an eight month old son, I'm doing this gradually as life allows. Becoming a mom has changed my life in so many unexpected ways and one of them was focusing and narrowing my career path goals. I suddenly found that I no longer wanted to waste time and energy on pursuits I wasn't really passionate about, even if there might have been easier options.This blog and website are just one step of that dream. 

With the advice of such amazing digital mentors I know I am going to make it happen. 

Until next time.

~ Natalie